Heat wave: 5 tips to cool your home without air conditioner

To refresh your home in hot weather, no need to always have your air con on, some tricks and simple actions will bring you surprising results.

  1. By day, close all windows and open them at night

Adopting the right reflexes at the beginning of the day is the first step to prevent your home from turning into an oven. During the day, do not forget to close all windows and close the curtains to avoid magnifying effect. However, from 21h, reopen them all until the next morning. This will create drafts that will refresh the entire home, giving you a little breeze.

  1. Hang a wet sheet in front of your window

You can also speed up the cooling of the pieces by hanging a wet sheet in front of your half-open window, and spray it with water when it starts to dry. The evaporation will thus absorb the heat and cool the room. In absolute terms, remember that during these periods of heat wave, humidity is your ally. So you can also consider simply passing a wet mop on the floor.

  1. Place a frozen bottle in front of a fan

Alas, the fan alone does not cool a room, it just brews hot air and does not relieve the feeling of heat, although it has the advantage of facilitating the flow of air. However, if you place a bottle of frozen water right in front, the air will be significantly less suffocating because the fan will diffuse the freshness of the bottle throughout the room.

  1. Build a light reflector

There is no secret: the element that particularly favors the warming of your home is the rays of the sun that tap directly on the windows tiles. If you do not have shutters in your windows or want to protect them as well as you can of the sun, you can design light reflectors simply and quickly. All you have to do is glue aluminum foil on cardboard signs the size of your windows, and fix them. These reflectors will return the light, which will prevent heat from entering your home.


  1. Install climbing plants on your wall exposed to the sun

In times of heat wave, plants are great bulwark against the heat. Indeed, they experience a phenomenon of evapotranspiration, which consists of transferring the water contained in the soil to the atmosphere by transpiration. It is this phenomenon that makes the atmosphere of the dwelling more breathable in the presence of plants on the outer walls or nearby. If you do not have climbing plants yet, just potted plants on your terrace or balcony will also lower the temperature of your home.