Expat rental guide to Phnom Penh

So you’ve landed in the “Kingdom of Wonder.” Now you’re ready to find a place to live. Don’t be scared! This process might be difficult in other parts of the world. Here, however, finding expat rentals is simple.

First, this guide will outline what choices you have. Do you want to live in an apartment? A villa? A shophouse maybe?

Cambodia, the new Macau?

Cambodia is becoming one of the most popular destinations for casino gaming in Asia.

Every year, tens of thousands of foreigners, mostly from China, Vietnam, and Thailand, visit the Kingdom’s 150 casinos. Cambodia hosts the most casinos in Southeast Asia, followed by Myanmar, Laos, and the Philippines.

SEAPS in the news!

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How to make great investments in the Pre-Selling market.

If you’ve ever been to Phnom Penh, chances are, you’ve seen ads upon ads that seemingly shout at you from every street if they had voices. But even with the ads screaming at you, there seems to be a sort of seduction in what they’re offering. Reduced down payment, low interest rates, and a very attractive location. There’s just one catch: the property you’re set out to buy is actually pre-selling! Now, if you’re scratching your head, then you’re probably wondering what that means. So, exactly what does pre-selling mean and how does it affect you? SEAPS breaks them all down for your convenience.

New opportunities coming up in Kampot from the eco-resort project

The growth in Cambodia’s real estate sector has been turning heads as of late. Housing trends in the country are changing massively. Living standards and land values are going up.

Another market, that of tourism in the Kingdom, is also witnessing a changing tide. As the number of incoming tourists rises, the amount invested into hospitality follows. Developers are now seeking to capitalise on Cambodia’s unique landscape by investing in retirement homes, vacation homes and eco-resorts.